Recent Cases

(High Court and above)

Hugh Green Ltd v Auckland
[2018] NZHC 2916
Judicial review and legitimate expectation
Seafield Farm (HB) Ltd v Hastings District Council
[2018] NZHC 1980
Review of Council resource consent
Remarkables Park Ltd v
Queenstown Airport Corporation Ltd

[2018] NZHC 1959; [2018] NZHC 269
Designation for expansion of Queenstown Airport
Aztek Ltd v The Attorney-General
[2018] NZHC 1839
Claim under s 40 Public Works Act
Spark New Zealand Trading Ltd v Clearspan Property Assets Ltd
[2018] NZCA 248; [2017] NZHC 277
What can constitute a subdivision under the RMA
Ngai Te Hapu Inc v Bay of Plenty Regional Council
[2018] NZCA 291; [2019] NZHC 3184
Appeals against consent to abandon the MV Rena
Man O’War Station Ltd v
Auckland Council

[2017] NZCA 24
Threshold for classification as an outstanding natural landscape
Williams v Auckland Council
[2016] NZSC 20; [2016] NZSC 130
Refusal of leave to appeal, refusal to recall judgment
New Zealand Transport Agency v Architectural Centre Inc & Ors
(2015) 19 ELRNZ 163 (HC)
Designation of state highway
Williams & Ors v Auckland

[2015] NZCA 479
Discretion to refuse relief under s 40 PWA
Highgate Business Park Ltd v
Environment Court & Runwild

[2014] NZHC 1692
Judicial review of Environment Court’s refusal of time waiver
Simons Hill Station Ltd v Royal Forest & Bird Protection Society of NZ Inc
[2014] NZHC 1362
Relevance of submission to appeal against resource consent
Robertson v Auckland Council
[2014] NZHC 765
Claim under s 40 Public Works Act for return of land
Collins & Ors v Northland
Regional Council & Anor

[2013] NZHC 3039
Judicial review of consents for Hikurangi Swamp flood control scheme
Thurlow Consulting v Auckland Council
[2013] NZHC 2468
Appeal against costs decision of Environment Court
Tacon v Hastings District Council
[2014] NZAR 49 (HC)
Declaratory judgment challenge to targeted rates
Federated Farmers of NZ v
Mackenzie District Council
[2013] NZHC 518
Appeal against district plan changes and operation of s 293 RMA
Independent Fisheries Ltd v
Minister for Canterbury
Earthquake Recovery
[2012] NZCA 601; [2013] NZSC 35 (Court of Appeal; Supreme Court)
Judicial review of Minister’s decisions on Canterbury earthquake recovery
Cox v Auckland Council
[2012] NZHC 3384
Evidence in declaratory judgment proceedings
Marlborough District Council v
Altimarloch Joint Venture Ltd
[2012] NZSC 11 (Supreme Court)
Misrepresentation inducing contract, liability of council for defective LIM, assessing and apportioning damages in contract and tort.
Mandic v Cornwall Park Trust Board
[2011] NZSC 135 (Supreme Court)
Renewal of 21 year Glasgow leases, valuation issues
Westpark Marina Ltd v Auckland Council
[2012] NZAR 619 (High Court)
Valuation of reclaimed land for rating purposes
Wallace Corporation v Waikato Regional Council
[2011] 2 NZLR 573 (Court of Appeal)
Criminal procedure – whether infringement offences under RMA require leave to prosecute
Man O’War Station Ltd v
Auckland Council
[2011] NZRMA 235 (High Court)
Appeal against refusal of resource consent
Central Plains Water Trust v Synlait Ltd
[2010] 2 NZLR 363 (Court of Appeal)
Priority of competing applications for resource consent
Empire Entertainment Ltd v Ellzin Trust
[2010] NZRMA 525 (High Court)
Noise issues in resource consent appeal
Hill Country Corporation Ltd v Hastings District Council
[2010] NZRMA 539 (High Court)
Recoverability of council charges under RMA
Ngai Tahu Property Ltd v Central Plains Water Trust
[2009] NZSC 24 (Supreme Court)
Priority of competing applications for resource consents
Waitakere City Council v Bennett
[2009] NZRMA 76 (Court of Appeal)
Historical claims under s 40 Public Works Act
Auckland Regional Council v
Rodney District Council
[2009] NZRMA 453 (Court of Appeal)
Notification under RMA and role of regional council
Genesis Power Ltd v Greenpeace NZ Inc
[2008] 1 NZLR 803 (Court of Appeal)
Whether regional councils may take account of greenhouse gas effects on climate change
Coromandel Watchdog v Ministry of Economic Development
[2008] 1 NZLR 562 (Court of Appeal)
Prohibited status under the RMA
Estate Homes v Waitakere City Council
[2007] 2 NZLR 149 (Supreme Court)
Local government powers, financial contributions and roading conditions on subdivision consents
Wallace Corporation Ltd v
Waikato Regional Council
[2007] NZRMA 78 (High Court)
Appeal against sentence under RMA
Waitakere City Council v Brunel
[2007] NZRMA 235 (High Court)
Compulsory acquisition of land under the Public Works Act
Tairua Marine Ltd v Waikato
Regional Council
[2006] NZRMA 485 (High Court)
Refusal to consent to a marina; principles as to costs in Environment Court
Attorney General v Forestry
Corporation of NZ Ltd
[2003] 3 NZLR 328 (High Court)
Whether reference to arbitration or expert determination
Attorney General v Forestry
Corporation of NZ Ltd
[2003] 1 NZLR 721 (Court of Appeal)
Waiver of covenant by unilateral declaration
Hamilton v Papakura District Council
[2002] 3 NZLR 308 (Privy Council)
Claim for damage to crops from contaminated water

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